Our experts

Our Experts

Dr. Enrico Poggio

Dr. Enrico C. Poggio is the Chief Technical Officer of deciBel Research. For over 25 years, Dr. Poggio has been a recognized leader in developing new and innovative technologies in radar models and simulations, radar signal and data processing methods and technologies, radar discrimination, and CM mitigation architectures. He has provided technical support and leadership to the US Army, US Air Force, and BMD community by developing more robust, threat-effective defense methodologies and technologies, and has frequently lectured to those communities on numerous radar and system engineering topics. More specifically, he has served as the Project Hercules (MDA/DVH) Algorithm Integration and Interfaces Lead, Deputy Lead and Subject Matter Expert for Ground-Based Midcourse Radar Models and Simulations IPT, and Co-Lead of Project Hercules Radar Discrimination Algorithm Blue Team. Dr. Poggio has been an active academic researcher in High Energy Elementary Particle Quantum Field Theories, co-authoring a highly-cited paper with Physics Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg.

deciBel Research 10LOG10 Technical Fellows

The deciBel Research "10LOG10" Technical Fellows are a unique, select, cross functional group of fourteen subject matter experts who collaborate across programs, as needed, to bring understanding to pressing, highly complex, and challenging technical problems in the areas of sensors, system engineering, modeling and simulation, data analysis, physics, mathematics, computer science, and advanced embedded, high-power/high-throughput processors. They are led by deciBel's Chief Scientist to solve technical issues across all of deciBel Research programs and provide in depth technical support to our customers. The Tech Fellows, as needed, have frequent meetings with the Chief Scientist and the Program Managers that request assistance. They also conduct monthly Technical Seminars, which are open to the public and customers to further advance knowledge in Air and Missile Defense systems and sensors.